NC Organizer 2.0

Managing your NC programs library with NC Organizer 2.0

    NC Organizer 2.0 is a combination between software and hardware solutions, which allows for centralized management of all the NC programs used in the manufacturing floor of a big plant. It connects all the CNC machines in a united PC-based network making possible and easy the following operations:

  • Centralized storage of all NC programs in a structured library – easy to maintain and backup;
  • Creating and editing NC programs on the engineer’s desktop PC, not bothering with the editing options on the machine CNC system;
  • Loading programs from the central NC library to different machines in different production areas;
  • Downloading programs from machines and storing them in the NC library.

NC Organizer 2.0 consists of

  • server, on which the database is stored – the NC library, sets of communication parameters for different types of machines, users and roles;
  • several NC Organizer stations – regular PCs, connected via Ethernet with the server – from those computers workers and NC programmers can upload, edit and download programs to and from machines;
  • communication devices, establishing the hardware connection over Wi-Fi or RS232 between the CNC Machines and NC Organizer stations;
  • NC program development stations – on those computers the engineering department develops NC programs (using CAD/CAM software or other methods).


  • Configuration of users each with own user name and password.
  • User rights defining the access levels to separate functions of the system.
  • User groups – making rights distribution easier between large quantities of users.

NC Organizer 2.0 architecture

NC Organizer 2.0 features

  • Connecting CNC machines to NC Organizer by 3 different connection types:
    1. RS-232 (cable connection) – up to 16 machines to one NC Organizer station with usage of RS-232 multi-port PCI adapter. Maximum connection distance up to 30m.
    2. LAN – unlimited number of machines to one station. Newer machines support Ethernet connection and they can connect directly to existing company LAN or share a separate private LAN.
    3. Wireless Bluetooth connection – unlimited number of machines to one station. The connection is established with BT Adapters, connected to the RS-232 ports of the NC machines and NC Organizer stations. Maximum distance of the connection – 50 m.
  • Maintaining structured centralized library with NC programs – all NC programs are stored and organized in one place. No different versions on different engineers computers and no danger of accident deletion. Tree-structure allows for an easy and natural organization of the files – separated in folders, subfolders and so on.
  • Defined set of parameters for CNC systems – each kind of CNC System used in the company receives unique ID and a certain set of communication parameters is stored within the database of the server. Then those settings are used to establish communication with every machine that uses that kind of CNC.
  • Protection from non-verified programs – each new NC program is first stored in a temporary buffer on the server where it must be checked and verified by an authorized engineer and then stored in the NC library for future use.
  • Verified and non-verified NC programs – through using file name masks the user can separate verified and non-verified (programs in development) programs, this way the programs that are under development still can be loaded in the machines but only by authorized personal.
  • Loading programs from the library into CNC machine memory – after choosing a program from the library the operator can load it into any CNC machine that has connection to his current NC Organizer station. The system provides instructions for the steps that he must perform in order to finish the job (specific to the CNC system on the machine and the used connection types).
  • Downloading programs from CNC machine memory – programs from all connected CNC machines can be downloaded and stored safely to the server buffer and after verification can be moved to the NC library for future loading in the same or different CNC machine. This prevents losing NC programs when flushing machines memories during power failures or scheduled maintenance.
  • NC transfer tools – separate serial port transfer tool that can be used to test the communication lines during system setup.

NC Organizer 2.0 is implemented and used to communicate with different types of CNC machines in the following companies: