Anukis 2.0

    Anukis 2.0 is a software platform, developed by OPCO Sys Ltd, which is used for rapid development of technological process control and building automation solutions. Based on this platform our team has successfully developed and implemented technical systems for automation of the following processes:

  • Galvanizing workshop;
  • Electrostatic painting workshop;
  • Hydraulic cylinder assemble and test stands;
  • Process line for refining sunflower oil;
  • Radiant heating of manufacturing workshops;
  • Metal cutting facility;
  • Heat threating facility;
  • Metalworking machinery.

    With its universal base Anukis 2.0 can be used to rapidly build process-control applications which cover wide range of signals from the industrial field. This is done thanks to a number of pre-developed tools for configuring and manipulating control mechanisms and uniting them in logical blocks. After the initial configuration the system is completed with specific for the task displays and functionality.


    Anukis 2.0 is divided into two different layers – supervisor “user” layer – Microsoft Windows based client-server module with its own relational database and “base” layer – real time Microsoft Windows CE application that interacts with sensors and control mechanisms of the system.


    The configuration of the input and output signals is done in the supervisor layer, as well as the setting of all standard control loops (PID control, High – Low control etc.). For specific devices and mechanisms the system allows free PLC programing. Access to functionality is maintained by roles which can be granted to different users of the system. The supervisor layer is easily adopted for specific applications by adding operating displays over the basic signals and control loops.

    The “base” layer of the system is based on Beckhoff embedded PC technology and connects to the supervisor layer through standard Ethernet connection. The base level allows for separating the input and output signals and control loops according to the reaction time needed.

Configuration of input – output signals

    Anukis 2.0 allows configuration and operation of digital and analog industrial signals as well as counter inputs.

Interface Information Blocks

    Special functionality of the system allows the simulation of different input/output scenarios without the need of connecting the I/O to real sensors and control mechanisms (easy testing and deployment).

Configuration of control loops

    Using its own objects, called Process Information Points /PIP/, Anukis 2.0 allows the grouping of several industrial signals in a single logical block. There are several standard PIP types which can be configured and used:

  • Registration and control of digital signals (Boolean Input / Output);
  • Registration of analog input signals and passing of analog control signals (Uninterrupted Input / Output);
  • Control according to deviation from the Set Point (Control High – Low);
  • Timers (Timer);
  • Boolean values (Flag);
  • Numerical values (Numeric);
  • Pulse counters (Counter);
  • PID control (Control PID);
  • Control with pulse-duration modulation (Control PDM);
  • PLC logical blocks;
Process Information Points

History log management

    Anukis 2.0 allows the user to quickly and easily configure number of parameters that will be stored in history logs. The system gathers values on a set time interval and stores them in the database.


    The values that are no longer needed are removed from the database according to the configuration data (for each parameter the user sets required keep time). Different aggregate reports can be computed based on the history logs – consumed energy, process execution history, active machinery time etc.


Operator displays

    After the initial I/O and PIP configuration is done, OPCO Sys develops the required operator’s displays for the specific implementation. The displays may range from simple (switching on/off group of heaters or valves) to really complex ones (synchronization of many sensors, database operations, execution of complex technologies).

Operator displays


Companies, where Anukis 2.0 process control is succesfully implemented:



Papas Oil