About us

    OPCO Sys Ltd., Yambol was founded in the beginning of 2012. It is a successor of the unit for automation of technical processes in “SEMBA” AD. This unit was working mainly on system automation in “HES” AD during 2000 – 2011. Creating the new company is an expression of the desire to find a larger market for the created products and the experience gained by the team.

    OPCO Sys Ltd. is a software company which aims to develop solutions in such a way, that companies of any size can benefit from the modern technologies, used nowadays in the field of automation and process control. The solutions we develop are totally PC-based and cover all client requirements.

    OPCO Sys team has extensive experience in:

  • automation of individual production units;
  • development of systems for managing complex production lines;
  • development of large systems, covering many processes spread over the whole enterprise;
  • development of energy management systems;
  • integration of CNC machines with different control systems into a single DNC system, leading to a new quality level in the organization of the storage and use of NC programs in the enterprise;

    Our process control solutions are based on a natural hierarchy – from basic input and output field signal processing through program-logic control (PLC) to total control, based on advanced client – server architecture with a centralized database.

    The most important projects implemented by OPCO Sys Ltd: